Legal Assistant

Halle Morris

Halle Morris headshot 2023

Halle has known that she has wanted to pursue a career in law since she was little. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Halle grew up coming to Colorado almost every year to ski, and she fell in love with the state. Following a month-long internship at a Personal Injury firm in downtown Cleveland her senior year of high school, it only further confirmed her desire to make these goals her reality.

After graduating high school in 2019, Halle began attending the University of Colorado Boulder, her top choice school, for her undergraduate degree. Though she initially began her studies in the Leeds School of Business, she quickly realized that a Political Science education would be better suited for her interests. From this, she not only obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree, but also developed solid critical thinking skills, a love for learning, and a passion for utilizing her knowledge in her future endeavors.

Halle graduated from CU in May of 2023 with the intent of taking a year off to affirm that law school is what she wants to chase. Since working for Bowman Law, she has gotten more confirmation than she’s ever hoped for. In just the last few months, Halle has gained an immense appreciation for the legal system, especially when it’s there for those who are suffering do to another’s wrongdoing. She has always wanted to be a lawyer for the reason of helping people, which is what the team at Bowman Law does on a daily basis, and she is honored to be a part of it.

Outside of the office, Halle also works at a restaurant as a hostess on the weekends. When she isn’t working, she loves socializing with friends, being outdoors, going on walks, writing, and watching movies. She also has a passion for politics, thanks to her studies. She’s planning to start attending law school in the Fall of 2024, and is currently going through the application process on top of working. While working at Bowman Law, Halle always strives to persistently spread her kindness, empathy, and reliability to each and every person, whether they are a client or not, that she communicates with.