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As Aurora’s preferred boutique personal injury law firm, we stand apart by providing individualized attention, a stark contrast to larger corporate firms. Our team of skilled attorneys is committed to personalized guidance, client-centered support, and transparent communication.

We are on your side.

Whether you’ve suffered due to a motor vehicle accident, dog bite, bicycle accident, or other personal injury caused by negligence, we treat your case with respect and aim to fully understand your unique circumstances. With our expertise and years of experience, we value your story, provide expert guidance, and  work closely with you to fight for your rightful compensation.

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Why Choose Bowman Law Firm?

Our mission is to aid those affected by personal injury incidents in attaining the justice they are entitled to and the tailored assistance they require.

Compassionate Counsel


Your wellness and journey back to a thriving life are paramount; we take the time to genuinely grasp your situation and tend to your unique needs.

Trusted Legal Expertise


Count on our seasoned attorneys, armed with the right skills and experience, to rigorously examine negligence, and relentlessly pursue fair and comprehensive compensation for the losses and injuries you’ve endured.

Trial Lawyer of the Year


With a discerning case selection process, we commit to only those where we can guarantee just results, granting our clients peace of mind that we’re steadfast in our pursuit of the justice they deserve.

Results-Driven Focus

Results Driven

With you every step of the way and fully dedicated to your cause, our personal injury lawyers guide you through the legal process, tirelessly advocating so that you don’t have to bear the stress.

Practice Areas

When faced with personal injury and accident claims in Aurora, our team of attorneys are well-prepared to manage a wide spectrum of cases. If you’re suffering from an injury due to an accident or form of negligence, consider it in our wheelhouse. We invest time in intently listening to your narrative, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your situation, and offering adept counsel to skillfully navigate your claim. Our clients take comfort and find peace of mind in knowing that our Colorado personal injury attorneys hold a sincere concern for their welfare.

Denver’s Most Trusted Personal Injury Firm

The lawyers at Bowman Law have decades of experience and success in winning fair compensation for clients who need help.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

With the rising traffic on Aurora and Colorado roads, car accidents have become a daily threat to residents, granting the opportunity to seek compensation for substantial injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence.

Bicycle Accidents

In cases of injuries attributed to a poorly maintained road or a driver’s negligence, our experienced bicycle accident attorneys will take charge of the entire process, allowing you to prioritize your recovery and overall well-being by entrusting us with your case.

Pedestrian Accidents

Though the principle of pedestrians having the right of way is widely recognized, Aurora still experiences cases of driver negligence. Depending on the context and the severity of the event, you might be entitled to explore compensation for the personal injuries and damages you’ve experienced.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Aurora experiences months of snowy weather, leading to icy and treacherous conditions on roads, pathways, and parking lots, posing risks to pedestrians. If a slip and fall incident unfolds due to another party’s negligence, have confidence in our skilled attorney team to aid you in pursuing accountability.

Dog Bites & Attacks

Colorado’s legal framework mandates strict liability for dog owners in instances of dog attacks, obligating them to be legally accountable for injuries suffered by victims. With extensive knowledge about Colorado’s dog bite liability regulations, our attorneys provide unwavering support throughout your claims journey.


Trucking Accidents

The aftermath of a collision between a smaller vehicle and a truck often results in severe or tragic injuries. Our trucking accident attorneys specialize in holding truck drivers and companies accountable to simplify the overwhelming legal claims process, allowing you to concentrate on your healing.


Wrongful Death

While no financial settlement can fully replace your loss, our wrongful death attorneys compassionately assist families in seeking justice for the wrongful passing of a beloved family member, alleviating the burden of stress, apprehension, and emotional pain endured while ensuring accountability for those at fault.

Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury case is a legal claim that arises from injuries caused by the carelessness, negligence, or fault of another person or institution.

What Damages Can Be Recovered?

Our personal injury attorneys recognize the array of challenges victims may face, comprehending the wide spectrum of damages that can be addressed through personal injury lawsuits. The scope of these compensations is contingent upon factors such as the accident’s type and severity. With Bowman Law’s experienced personal injury team, you can trust in our ability to handle civil cases effectively, striving to secure various damages via lawsuits while tirelessly advocating for your rightful recovery and justice.

Compensatory Damages Vs. Punitive Damages

In personal injury lawsuits, there exist two categories of damages that an injured party might seek recovery for – compensatory damages and punitive damages. Under Colorado law, punitive damages, also known as exemplary damages, could be granted when the defendant’s behavior involves elements of fraud, malice, or willful and wanton conduct, in addition to the actual damages incurred. Essentially, punitive damages aim to penalize the wrongdoer for their actions.

On the other hand, compensatory damages aim to reimburse the injured party for their losses resulting from the accident. In such instances, monetary compensation is awarded to the injured party, often facilitated by the negligent party’s insurance company, either through negotiations or a court verdict.

Lost wages
Compensatory Damages
Fair Compensation
Punitive Damages

Personal Injury Law Frequently Asked Questions

To assist individuals dealing with personal injury matters, we have put together answers to common inquiries about general injury claims. Nonetheless, given that each case possesses its own distinct characteristics, we recommend arranging a complimentary consultation with our Aurora, Colorado personal injury attorneys. This consultation will provide you with the opportunity to delve into the specifics of your claim and receive tailored guidance.

How much does a personal injury lawyer charge?

At Bowman Law, we offer free consultations on all cases. After your consultation, we offer our services on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only charge fees when your personal injury case is successfully resolved and compensation is recovered. If no recovery occurs, you won’t owe attorney fees or expenses. Our fee, a percentage of the recovered amount, is paid after settlement and covers all necessary expenses. Generally ranging from 10% to 45%, with an average of 33%. However, cases going to court may involve additional common costs like filing fees, records requests, and more.

What is the usual result of a settlement?

The outcome of a settlement typically entails the liable party providing a specific sum as compensation for the harm inflicted upon the victim. Following a personal injury settlement, you can expect to receive the compensation within a relatively swift timeframe, which could range from as short as five working days to an average of around 14 to 28 days.

Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney?

Enlisting the services of a proficient personal injury attorney holds great value. A seasoned lawyer specializing in personal injury cases ensures that every aspect of your damages is meticulously considered and accounted for in the financial assessment of your claim. Moreover, these attorneys possess supplementary resources that can significantly bolster your case, resources that a non-legal expert may not have access to.

How do you calculate pain and suffering?

Calculating pain and suffering involves a comprehensive assessment of various factors to arrive at a fair valuation. This process often considers the extent and nature of your injuries, the duration of your recovery, and the impact on your daily life. Additionally, emotional distress, psychological effects, and loss of enjoyment can also play a role in the calculation. Since pain and suffering is subjective and can vary greatly from case to case, it’s recommended to consult with a Bowman Law personal injury attorney who can utilize their expertise to estimate an appropriate compensation amount based on the specific details of your situation.

Do personal injury lawyers go to court?

Yes, personal injury lawyers are prepared to go to court if necessary. While many personal injury cases are resolved through negotiation and settlements, some cases may require litigation and courtroom proceedings to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients. Experienced personal injury lawyers have the skills to present a compelling case in court, including gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and arguing on behalf of their clients. They are committed to pursuing the most favorable resolution, whether it’s achieved through negotiation, settlement, or courtroom litigation, based on the unique circumstances of each case.

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