Cailey Giuffre

Cailey Giuffre headshot 2023

Growing up in the Northwest Chicago suburbs, Cailey always knew she wanted to end up somewhere near the mountains. After touring colleges all over the country, she ended up choosing Ohio State University to study accounting. After her first year of college, Cailey transferred to the University of Toledo in Ohio, and discovered Paralegal Studies. Having always had an interest in law, but unsure if being a lawyer would be the right path, Paralegal Studies was the perfect combination. Cailey graduated cum laude in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies and moved out to Denver shortly after.

In her last semester of college, Cailey was an intern for the Criminal Appeals division of the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office. Although it was a very rewarding experience, Cailey was still left unsure of which field of law was right for her. After a tragic motor vehicle collision involving a loved one, Cailey recognized the true hardship clients encounter when involved in a personal injury. She grew a new appreciation for the work that personal injury firms such as Bowman Law do for those who need it most and felt a strong motivation to help those same people in any way she could.

Outside of the office, Cailey enjoys bike riding and hiking around the many spots Colorado has to offer. One of her favorite things about being in Denver is all the small business shops there are to explore as well. Starting in 2017, Cailey realized her love for road trips, and tries to squeeze them in whenever she can, no matter the time of year, to visit various National and State Parks.

Working for Bowman Law as a full time paralegal, Cailey strives to provide the best quality of work to help our clients succeed. It is her goal to help our clients in any way she can, no matter how big or how small the task may be.