Get to Know Paul Myron: Personal Injury Attorney and Parent to a Disabled Dog

June 14, 2024
Get to Know Paul Myron: Personal Injury Attorney and Parent to a Disabled Dog

The world of personal injury is an exciting and constantly evolving atmosphere. I, Paul Myron, especially love being a personal injury attorney because it allows me to use my legal skills to help people in Denver and the surrounding areas who are in desperate need. 

Why Getting To Know My Clients Is Essential 

Every case and client are unique. That is why I get to know all about my clients as much as possible. I make it a point to maintain consistent communication with every client. I want to learn about their lives outside of just the injuries they have suffered. I want to know their hobbies. I like to know who they are and how they like to enjoy themselves. This helps me establish a valuable rapport with the people I represent. It also allows me to be an effective advocate. 

When I advocate for my clients, I do not just outline their injuries and treatment. I give the insurance companies a sense of who they are as an individual. I provide a detailed narrative of who they were before suffering their injuries and how their lives have changed since. This approach makes each client more than just a name on a piece of paper. It demonstrates to insurance companies that the wrong doer affected an individual, sometimes to a point that lasts forever.

My Passion For Senior & Disabled Dogs

My passion for helping others does not stop at assisting people. I am a crazed dog-lover. I volunteer at Pepper’s Senior Dog Sanctuary in Littleton, Colorado, helping take care of senior and disabled dogs who have been abandoned by their owners. 

Proud Dog Parent to Claudia

I also am a proud dog parent to an American English Coonhound named Claudia. I adopted then-five-year-old Claudia in Brooklyn, New York in the summer of 2021. While she has only been in my life for three years, I can barely remember any time before her. Anyone who knows Claudia will attest she is unlike most dogs. She loves people but has her own way of showing it. Usually, it involves sniffing you up and down and making odd noises that only Claudia can replicate. 

When Claudia Became Sick

In September 2022, my life became a nightmare I could not wake up from. Claudia suddenly lost the ability to walk. It came out of absolute nowhere. True to her nature, she tried to power through it. She kept trying to stand up and move around the house. She tried to lay down in her bed and forget the pain. Unfortunately, her back legs had completely given out. She tried to tough it out, but even a dog as relentless as Claudia could not hide her pain. 
Not knowing what to do, I rushed Claudia to the vet. They saw her briefly, but I soon received a call that there was nothing they could do for her, and I had to take her to an emergency animal hospital where she would likely need emergency surgery. The vet could not even point to what was wrong, and she prepared me for the worst, stating Claudia may have been suffering from a brain disease.

The Long Drive to the Hospital

I do not know how I made the 20-minute drive to the animal hospital. It was one of the worst moments of my life and all I could think about was how I may have to say goodbye to Claudia that day. 

When I got to the hospital, I was temporarily relieved. The staff was exceptional. They evaluated Claudia right away and tried to comfort my girlfriend and I as much as possible. We waited in an exam room, praying we would get some good news. 

I really do not know how much time passed until we saw the surgeon. It could have been ten minutes or ten hours. Finally, the surgeon came into the exam room. The news was bad, but it could have been worse. She informed us Claudia was suffering from intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), a somewhat common ailment in dogs. As the surgeon explained, one of Claudia’s discs in her spine ruptured, causing paralysis in her hind legs. The surgeon explained they could operate to try to correct the issue, but they would have to do it immediately. Without hesitation, we gave her the go-ahead to operate.

Claudia’s Surgery

We received a call about five hours later that surgery was completed, and Claudia was resting well. In a few days, we could take her home. We were warned there was no guarantee she would ever walk again or even be able to go to the bathroom normally. Having Claudia back home was a relief, but the months that followed were incredibly difficult. I felt hopeless. I could not sleep. I did not know how to care for a disabled dog, but I also could not abandon Claudia. I made it my mission to learn as much as I could to help her live as comfortable of a life as possible. 

Happy Endings

That nightmare was almost two years ago. Claudia is still with us. She can get around, although her hind legs continue to be very limited. She also has good days and bad when it comes to waiting to do her business outside. 

Seeing Claudia struggle is heartbreaking to everyone – everyone except Claudia. She is the same goofy dog who steals food off your plate if you are not careful enough. She does not know her limitations and is determined to be the same crazy canine she was before. She has come such a long way and seeing her walk, even in the wobbly fashion that she does now, is a miracle that I could not have envisioned in September 2022. Our neighbors love her and compliment us on our commitment to caring for her. To me, there was no choice, and I would do everything all over again.

Caring For a Senior Dog Isn’t Easy But It’s Rewarding

Being a personal injury attorney while also caring for a 60-pound disabled dog is not easy. Thankfully, my girlfriend works from home and can tend to Claudia during the day. When I get home, she understandably expects a break and I go into dog-caretaker mode. Everyday is different. Usually caring for Claudia involves cleaning up some kind of mess. Often, I have to help her walk outside with the assistance of a special harness we purchased for her. Sometimes I still have calls to make or work to do when I get home and must juggle my work responsibilities with Claudia care. 

While challenging, my work as an attorney and dog caretaker is incredibly rewarding. What once seemed like an impossible situation is now just part of my daily routine. I am truly proud of myself for being able to perform both responsibilities so effectively. I have always found satisfaction in my legal work, especially when clients inform me how thankful they are and let me know how much I have helped them. 

But advocating effectively for my clients while also taking care of a disabled dog at home gives me a sense of accomplishment I have never experienced before. Just as I feel such pride when I achieve justice for a client, I am equally satisfied when I see Claudia sleeping peacefully in one of her three beds. 

Helping Others In Need is Profoundly Rewarding

I love helping people. It is an indescribable feeling of joy when I can help a client get proper compensation for their injuries and suffering. It is why I love being a personal injury attorney in Denver, Colorado. I never imagined balancing my attorney duties with taking care of a disabled dog. When Claudia was first hurt, I wanted to escape from my new reality. But if I had known how happy and satisfied I would be, both professionally and personally, two years later, I would have embraced the situation and looked forward to the future. 

It might be silly to say a dog is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, but it is the truth. When I first adopted Claudia, I never knew how much she would help me become such an effective advocate in my professional life. Sometimes, I think Claudia deserves an honorary law degree.

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