What Is Medical Payments Coverage?

Jerry Bowman, Owner and Managing Attorney

Car Accidents
March 29, 2022
What Is Medical Payments Coverage?

Medical payments coverage (“Med-Pay”) provides coverage for all reasonable medical expenses you and your passengers incur after being injured in a car accident in Colorado, regardless of who caused the accident. Since 2009, all Colorado insurance carriers are required to offer a $5,000.00 medical payments policy. In order for you to decline Med-Pay coverage, you must sign a rejection form explicitly indicating you do not want such coverage.

What Does Med Pay Cover After a Denver Car Accident?

If you were injured in a Denver car accident, medical payments coverage may help pay the following expenses for you and your passengers:

  • Health insurance deductibles and co-pays
  • Doctor or hospital visits
  • Surgery, X-rays or prostheses
  • Ambulance and emergency medical technician fees
  • Professional nursing services

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What is the Difference Between Liability Coverage and Medical Payments Overage?

Medical payments coverage is optional in Colorado. If you cause a car accident and do not have medical payments coverage, you will have to pay out of your own pocket for all medical bills. 

Liability Coverage in Colorado

On the other hand, liability coverage is required by Colorado law. Unfortunately, your auto liability coverage will not pay for your medical bills. Liability coverage will, however, help pay an injured party’s medical expenses, including your passenger if you caused the accident. Similarly, if another driver is at fault for a car accident that injures you, their auto liability coverage may help pay for your medical bills.

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What is the Difference Between Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Med-Pay?

Like medical payments coverage, PIP coverage helps pay for your or your passengers’ medical expenses after a car collision, regardless of who caused the collision. There are three main differences between PIP and Med-Pay:

  • PIP is available in “no-fault” states. Medical payments coverage is only available in states that do not have PIP.
  • PIP is sometimes required, and sometimes optional, depending on state law. Med-Pay is always an optional coverage.
  • PIP helps cover expenses such as lost wages or childcare if you are unable to perform essential services after an accident. Med-Pay does not cover essential services.

Are There Med-Pay Limits?

Med-Pay coverage is limited by the maximum amount your insurer will pay for a covered loss. You can choose your limit when you buy coverage. Remember, you are responsible for all medical expenses that exceed your coverage limits.

How Does Med-Pay Work?

If you need help choosing a coverage limit that fits your needs, you may want to think about the cost of short-term emergency expenses after a car collision. For example, if you present to the emergency room with injuries after a Denver car accident, your health insurance might pay a portion of the visit, but your health coverage may require you to pay a deductible and a co-insurance payment for the emergency medical services. If you also carried Med-Pay coverage, your insurer could pay your health insurance deductible and some of your co-pay for the ER visit.

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Do I Need a Denver Car Accident Lawyer?

If you were involved in a car accident in Colorado, you can still benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of an attorney, even if you have Med-Pay. Med-Pay can help pay your medical bills. You will always want to look to the other driver’s insurance to be the primary source of payment after a car accident. Med Pay will not pay for damages such as lost wages or pain and suffering.

Hire A Car Accident Attorney For Damages Such as Lost Wages, Pain, & Suffering

To recover those items, contact the Denver car accident lawyers at Bowman Law. We have extensive experience dealing with Med-Pay and other coverages related to a car accident in Colorado. Contact a Denver car accident lawyer at Bowman Law today for your free consultation.

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